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Chinesepod from China mainland

Hi all,
I’m traveling in China these few weeks (months) and I get lot of trouble to connect to chinesepod via the application and the website. It’s really slow and sometime I can’t have an access. Only me have this problem? I’m in the north of China…
I would use this time to improve faster my Chinese ^^

And I just realized, when we are downloading a lesson, we just download the sound track and not the writing lesson. That’s pity because sometimes I just want to read the lesson.
Moreover, could be nice if we can select only the word of the sentence as the website in the discussion.

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I live in China and the app doesn’t work at all!! Really a shame since I liked it a lot before & was still billed for the moth when I complained. Even tho they admitted the app doesn’t work in China! Wtf.

The gave me a link to the TestFlight app & promised 2 months free use (but it’s def not as good as the original app) and guess what forget to give me the 2 months free!

I’m waiting for a reply from them. Super annoying

Did you have an answer?
I just get “The VPN issue has nothing to do with ChinesePod, it is a firewall created by China’s allowed/blocked sites” = We are not care of your problem and it’s not our fault if you can’t have access to a chinese learner website from china.

:heart_eyes: take it easy :heart_eyes:

Hi Hannah, it looks like customer service have already actioned this by extending your account for another 2 months.

You don’t need to use TestFlight anymore. You can use the app directly from the app store.

Alternatively, you can try these other options if you don’t like version 1 of the app.

The app should work in China. What problems are you having with the app exactly when in China?

Thanks yes Chinespod extended my account for 2 months, but this is still pretty useless. The regular app still doesn’t work in China I can go the lessons but it closes every time I open one.

If it helps I can tell you that China has gotten way more serious with censorship lately so I’d guess Chinesepod isn’t in complience.

I still have the testflight app but it doesn’t work offline. Again I’m in China and a stable internet connection isn’t always available so it’s pretty worthless. Besides it doesn’t have the Audio run across the dialogue like the original app, something I liked a lot.

I still feel I was cheated out of $30

Hi, as recently we talked about the access of Google from China which in fact during only one day, I discovered a website which can make test of some website in China:

And for

So we can see very well that there is just a few province where it’s accessible, but most of them are really slow or not available.
I hope this website will be useful for other test and to improve the offer :slight_smile: can’t work my Chinese without chinesepod ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link leurne. It’s very interesting to see. I also testing with some other websites, and the results weren’t the best either :frowning:

We are currently working on ways to improve access to ChinesePod material as we speak. Thanks once again.

Evidently still the same problem with access in mainland. Just had to cancel my subscription. 250rmb down the drain. Worked great for one morning. Since then unusable either from the app or the website. Don’t quite understand how downloading the file also makes no difference … waiting an absolute age for it to buffer. Such a shame

I’m planning to go to China in September possibly for a year, but I love using chinese pod would be rubbish if it stopped working out there. Might end up learning more Chinese in England lmao.
Wondering if it’s any different now in 2019?

Kind Regards

Hello everyone,

Do you currently have any troubles accessing the ChinesePod website and app while being in China?

This is a topic that is very important to us here at ChinesePod and we’d love to hear from those who are currently in China. We have done a lot in the past months to work on accessibility and hope that no new messages means no new issues.