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ChinesePod incompetence on display on YouTube

It is well known that ChinesePod’s reputation is declining due to the incompetence of the person responsible for posting videos on YouTube. Cheesy graphics, butchered editing, typos galore and general sleaziness are the main problems.

But a new low was achieved with this video:
At 6:35 of the video, Fiona references John Pasden’s grammar wiki and even provides a screenshot of it. She says it will be linked in the description. Now get this (I am not making this up) - the idiot working for the new owners posted a link to Wikipedia!

When will this disgraceful incompetence be addressed?


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Re: “John Pasden’s grammar wiki”

Wow, Kelly.

I think that the lessons are looking fine to me. And definitely not sleazy. There’s a little bit of humor in the videos that I find refreshing and keeps me from glazing over with boredom. I realize we have a difference of opinion here. But you should keep in mind that you’re cruel comments and insults are far worse then any mistakes they may have made with a link or some choppy editing. By the way I think the other thing looks great. I’m not expecting a multimillion-dollar movie when I click on a Chinese pod video. They’re also pumping out videos very frequently. This leaves greater room for error. Try not to be such a stick-in-the-mud. There’s a much nicer way to say things that you’re trying to say without becoming a monster.