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ChinesePod Jacksonville Meetup




希望有机会跟你和其他的chinesepod学生见面。I have a few Chinese and Chinese-American friends here but I do not know any students studying Chinese on their own through Chinesepod or through UNF. It would be great if I could network with others who share the same passion to learn Chinese here in Jax. Thanks for all the awesome work and I look forward to the Jacksonville ChinesePod meetup.


Hello! We were going to do one in June, however we wanted to make sure we got as many as possible in the area a good heads up, so we postponed it. We will post on the forum and send out emails for our Jax meet up. UNF 靠近 Town Center! Great location.


Cool. Wife and I are taking our kids to China for a month so August actually works better for me. We are friends with the Chinese professor and Chinese history professor in case u need our help promoting the jax meetup.


Awesome any chance one of the professors surname is Wu? I wrote a friend asking about kid friendly place in ChengDu, I haven’t heard back yet. I went to Xi’an and ChengDu a few years back. Great experience!


对。就是吴老师。另外一位老师是lohan (Rothschild) 老师。我们明天就飞到中国。等你的建议关于成都。谢谢


Exciting!! I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear from them.