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Chinesepod on iOS?


just some easy questions:

  • I was wondering why the topic for the chinesepod iOS app is closed?
  • could we have some news regarding to the update that we are still waiting since several weeks?
  • according to the topic for the new version of the app on Google play, I don’t think we got it on the beta test version…?

I start to be a bit disappointed about the lack of news and the delay of this app… :frowning:


Just I add a comment to my post in order to avoid to create a new topic.
When we are listening the lesson (or something else on the app), is it possible to add a “repeat button”?
When I’m driving it will be easier ^^




I think ChinesePod is unfortunately having some struggles with the iOS app. It’s an edgy topic. The app is only semi-stable; it crashes for me on multiple lessons (such as the Pinyin Program) and I’ve shared this with them in that thread but sadly gotten no replies :frowning: (I’m only trying to help!)

I don’t believe they have a full-time iOS developer on board either, because of their job listings.

I love ChinesePod and the old app works fine, despite being outdated. I’m fine with waiting as long as ChinesePod is open about what is happening :slightly_smiling:


I use the Android app. The new version of it is too buggy to use, and fixes have been delayed for weeks. My guess is they are lacking a mobile developer. Fortunately the old version still works.


:+1: CORECT!:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:


Anyway, it will not be helpfull to be angry guys. I’m just thinking that they must have a reason, and for sure they don’t want to release an application which is poor.
But for sure we are waiting since longtime :slight_smile: I’m just thinking that some feedback about the development of the app could help to wait ^^


@cowenparkseattle As far as I know, the Android app does have a full-time developer. He told me that they recently about some issues I was having in the app and said they pushed some fixes through an update. I am also using the Android app and did have some bugs with the earlier version of the app but and have not noticed any issues since updating to the newest updated version.

Are you using the ChinesePod Next app? If so I would suggest you check the Google Play store to see if there are some updates pending for the app that need to be installed.

I also wanted to highlight that anyone can still listen to the full podcasts if they login to the website from their phone (iOS and Android). You can stream stream the lessons directly and don’t need to download them.

I understand that it can be frustrating not to have a dedicated iOS app yet but from what they are saying on the forum it seems like they are working hard on it and had some app rejections from Apple due to various reason. They are working on getting everything fixed.

@GwilymJames has also made a great post on how to use alternative applications to access the CPod content until the iOS app is finally approved by Apple.

You can view the article here: