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ChinesePod UK Meet-up?


Hi GraceWong,

In your blog article a couple of days ago you mentioned that you would be organising Meet-up events around the globe, starting with one in North Florida.

Any plans to have a meet-up in the UK?



Hello Simon, I am actually going to be in London July 15-22. Do you know of some other fellow UK users that would like to join?


Hi Grace,

I’m afraid I don’t know any other UK users, but if you are able to use the ChinesePod website or forum, or direct mail to UK users, to see if we get enough interest for a meet up then I could definitely try to get to London during that week. It would be great to meet up with you and some other UK ChinesePod users.



Grace, where in North Florida? That’s a pretty big area. From Jacksonville to Pensacola is 575 km.


We’re planning on doing a meet-up in Jacksonville.


We don’t currently track user locations (it isn’t required as part of the signup). I think the best bet will be to start a new topic on the forum to see if there are other interested ChinesePod users in UK.


Hi Grace,

I’ll be interested in a meet-up while you’re in London.




I’d be interested, depending on day and time etc :slight_smile:


Hi Grace,

I’d be interested in a UK meet-up when you’re in London.




Hi @GraceWong,

So we already have a couple of interested people; we just need to agree on a day, time and place.

I can make any day that week except Monday. A lunchtime meet up would be good, as I could then get get there easily on the train and home again afterwards.

I suppose the venue depends on how many people we have. What part of London are you staying in?


Yay everyone! I am excited about this, I’ve never been before. Let’s do Saturday the 21st lunch time. At the moment I think I may be closer to Heathrow, however I don’t know London, so if there isn’t a good meet place around there let me know. Any suggestions from our UK people as to where to where to meet up?


Saturday 21st lunchtime is good for me.

I think somewhere in central London would be easier than Heathrow area. People travelling to London by train would most likely have to go into central London first anyway.

There would be plenty of places to meet in central London. It just depends on how many people and what sort of place we want to go to. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe somewhere in Chinatown?



Are we going ahead with this meet-up? How many people do we think are interested?



I’m interested; anybody else?


I’ll certainly go if it’s happening.


Hey Guys! We are still planning on doing it! I think what we came up with was Friday late afternoon, hoping people can get in after work in Chinatown.


Grace 好!

Great to hear you’re still planning to meet up with everyone.

I thought we’d been discussing Saturday 21st lunchtime. Late afternoon Friday wouldn’t work so well for me as it’s about 3 hours on the train each way. But of course if you’ve been talking to others people who prefer late Friday afternoon that’s fine - go with the majority.

Do you know how many people are interested now?



Hi, All!

We tried to book a place for lunchtime on Saturday, 21 July, but could not find a convenient venue (although we did have a tea tasting lined up). If anyone can find a venue for Saturday after noon we can move the date and we will supply the tea and biscuits. I know we won’t be able to accommodate everyone, but we sure would like to try!

As of now we have reserved a private room at the Royal Dragon in China Town from 4:00 - 6:00 on Friday, 20 July. We will provide tea and light snacks, and plenty of opportunity to practice your Chinese. You are welcome to stay for dinner or Karaoke afterwards, but be advised that you will need reservations in advance for Karaoke.

Royal Dragon
30 Gerrard Street

We will set up an evite so we may track how many people are planning on attending, but it would be great to reply here as well.



I should be able to make it as well!


I should be able to make it as well!