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ChinesePod Website Updates for August 2017


Ok, this has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.


The 3 buttons will be back in the next update so you can show/hide sentences instantly. The individual hyperlinks for each sentence will not, but you will be able to easily hide/show them with the floating buttons. Thanks for your feedback.

Let us know if there is anything else you would like for consideration.


hi Gwilym,
thanks a lot! That’s was a great feature and happy to see it back!

Me i’m still fight to get the floating audio control player! The video ok, we have it but personnally, i never watch it : everytime listening the audio and little bit boring when i have to scroll up to make a pause (when i was to segment my study for example).
Moreover, I like to listen in car (or not anymore since im living now in shanghai and dont have a driving license :’( ) but also at work, and then a repeat button would be awesome!


Is definitely an error that the individual hyperlinks for each sentence wont go back.
That is a big change for the persons that we have been using this.
The previous way, was much more faster, and dinamic,

The fact that you can show all or nothing makes that we have to been activating/deactivating the buttons at every moment that we don know something, and making that we have to see the pinyin of the following sentence unintentionally.

Definetly I think is a big mistake.
I hope you have it in consideration James.


that’s your view, honestly I prefer the floating button.
and if need one word pinyin, you just put your mouse on it…


we’ll try and work on a solution that makes everyone happy. :woman_technologist::man_technologist:


Thanks mate, i appreciate your attention and CP’s overall responsiveness to user requests. It’s really refreshing!

Also I noticed the “help” button has moved over to the left of the screen, this is definitely better for me, hopefully it’s good for everyone :slight_smile:


OK we have pushed some changes to make it hopefully work better for everyone. Also my name is Gwilym :wink:

So if a user has opted to hide English/Pinyin in lesson settings, then the floating buttons are not clickable but you can still show and hide individual sentences by clicking the 3 dot menu.

If a user has pinyin and English on show, then they can hide individual sentneces and hide all by clicking the floating buttons.



Good fix for showing the pinyin and English. Works great for me. Thanks


Works great, thanks

Also it now seems that when I’m looking at a list of lessons, there doesn’t appear to be any indicator to show which ones i’ve studied, i’m sure there used to be a tick or similar…


Maybe it’s just me, but recently the player is frequently not working with bluetooth devices.


I love the updates!!!

There IS something I have long wanted to request, though – additional search functionality allowing vocabulary/phrase search of the entire ChinesePod dialogue library (and maybe also of all of ChinesePod’s expansion and grammar sentences) as a corpus (actually corpora, since I think the dialogue library should be one corpus and the additional expansion/grammar example sentences another corpus, since the dialogues provide MUCH more useful context than individual example sentences are likely to).

Here are two questions I had today which could likely be answered if this search functionality were available – and that without this search functionality can probably only be answered if I can find (1) a native Chinese speaker who (2) speaks English and (3) is naturally sensitive to how language works and is good at explaining it.

In the recent ATWTI lesson on "应该的“ (and other Chinese ways of expressing something like “You’re welcome”), I wanted to get a sense of how often 应该的 is used relative to, for example, 没事. I also wondered to what extent (if at all) “应该的” connotes that what the person has done is only what they SHOULD have done (and therefore is not worth someone thanking them for). . . .or if 应该的 instead is just an automatic response like the English “You’re welcome” that may or may not express that the respondent REALLY welcomed the bother of doing whatever it is they did for the speaker?!? Given the size of the ChinesePod library, I think it’s likely some lesson DOES already exist explaining at length the nuances of 应该的 vs. other forms of “You’re welcome.” However, without corpus search functionality of the kind I’m describing, I think I have no way of locating this (probably already existing) lesson. (None of the lessons you linked in the practice tab have dialogues including 应该的.)

Similarly, I just watched the hilarious (and so very memorable) lesson on “Misunderstanding the Doctor” and was wanting to see more examples of the phrase 我是说 to get a sense of whether this sentence can ever be used by someone lower in status speaking to someone higher in status or whether that would be rude. Again, given the size of the ChinesePod library, I think there’s a good chance I could figure this out on my own if only ChinesePod’s dialogue library and example sentences were searchable as a corpus – but currently, I can only ask my Chinese roommate her thoughts. (However, I’m a little concerned that I might not, in fact, get an accurate answer from her even if I DO ask because I know from doing corpus research as an applied linguist in English that sometimes native speakers aren’t the best at answering such questions off the top of their heads because they tend only to consider the question in the one context the question-asker gives and DON’T think of potentially several other contexts where that phrasing IS indeed possible and appropriate.)

Therefore, I would very much like to request that ChinesePod-as-a-corpus search functionality be added to the search bar. Thanks VERY much for your consideration of my request! :slight_smile:



We’ll see if we can improve that by making the hover over effect that shows the bookmark icon show at all times. That way, you can see it without moving your mouse over it.

For example:

Which Floor


Are you talking about the website audio player? Which devices are you linking? Which browser are you using?


Gwilym,good changes ! I love them! congrats!


welcome back to the floating button. For the player, Gwilym I think - must be confirm - it is floating ONLY when there is no video. Otherwise it will be only the video which will be floating.

By the way I will make a strike to have the repeat button! >_<


btw, I forgot to say thank you!! It is great having my lists back! Thank you so much. Now if only it was that easy to learn Chinese. Cheers


I also think everything is looking and working very well right now. Keep up the good work!