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ChinesePod Website Updates for October/Nov 2017


Hi all, here are some of the latest updates from October and November to

  • Audio player now floats if the lesson also has video.

You can choose to minimise the audio player if it’s distracting to have both float.

  • Updated design of the different lesson tabs (dialogue/vocab/expansion/grammar) to make it cleaner and reduce the amount of distracting borders. We have also split the expansion and grammar into clearer segments or islands.

For our free users, we have made the free lessons easier to find by adding a new block on the main dashboard pages where you can filter and study our free lessons only.

Dictionary now displays the level of the show that the example sentence came from! Thanks for the suggestion from our ChinesePod users :slight_smile:

Lots of bug fixes and updates behind the scenes…
(video not floating on free lessons, latest comment link not working etc, etc).

Let us know if you find anything 奇怪



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Gwilym, I appreciate the lesson level listings for dictionary results . Would it be possible to filter the results by lesson level? Sometimes I am looking for examples of less common, more advanced usages, and it seems that sometimes they get cut off if there are many simple examples of a certain term. I don’t know how your example-selecting algorithm works.


Thanks @Mingmao for the recommendation. We’ll see what we can do.