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ChinesePod Website Updates for September 2017


September Updates on

  • Loop audio lessons!
  • Easier way to see and bookmark lessons (this seems to have not been updated yet but is ready)
  • Updated playlist view with search and filter option
  • Search has moved to the sidebar
  • Saving words is better on mobile devices
  • Fixed responsive bugs for long Chinese sentences on mobile
  • The dictionary/glossary now has pinyin sentences on display (not sure why that wasn’t a feature before)!
  • Loads more stuff!!

You can now see your bookmarks and studied lessons without having to place your mouse over each lesson. You can also mark a lesson as studied directly from the dashboard without having to go into it like before!

The playlists and “other shows” sections has had a facelift, and now matches the design of our website and apps more. You can now view more content with less scrolling.




After: New card view

The playlists page now has a basic filter and search feature

The audio player now has a loop button so that you can listen to the dialogues etc on repeat to really make memorising easier. Thanks to @leurne for requesting this feature.

Search has moved to make the mobile site a bit less confusing. You can now search the library on every page (including inside a lesson) by using the search bar just below the lesson artwork.

We have also improved the logic for saving words to your vocabulary manager to make it work better on mobile devices (tapping a word) and desktop (clicking a word). If you’re using a mouse, you just click the word as before, but if you’re on mobile, you tap the word to show the definition and then tap the + word button.

We have also made improvements to the responsiveness of long sentences on smaller devices as well as more than 30+ small changes that hopefully make the site work a bit better.

That’s it for this month. Let us know what else you would like improved and we’ll try and do it.

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We got it! And I have a special mention :kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed:

Just I doin’t know for you but for me it’s opening a page with in the internet bar :


All amazing changes that I have been enjoying. Keep up the great work everyone!


If we’re able to request new features, here are a few things I’ve been wishing for for a while now:

  • Having the Pinyin for lesson dialogues capitalised and with punctuation. When I’m following along the first few times and haven’t yet learned the characters, it’s hard to follow the sentences without the punctuation. Similarly, having the correct tones would be fantastic (eg ‘yi’ is always listed with a first tone which does not take into account tone changes). Having the tone marks that are relevant for the sentence instead of the dictionary entry for the character or word would be great.
  • The lesson dialogues allow you to show or hide all English and all characters, but to do the same with the Pinyin requires us to individually click each sentence. It would be great if we could show or hide all Pinyin in the same way.


You can hide all pinyin (and selectively show it by clicking) by updating the lesson settings in the sidebar navigation:


The pinyin already has punctuaration (as of fairly recently). Are there places where you don’t see it?

Although some complete beginner textbooks artificially change the tones of things like 不 and 一 to help learners it’s not common practice, and would be a lot of manual work to change. Also, what to do about multiple third tones? Change the first one to a second tone? It’s best if you just get used to the tone change rule early one.

In this video, we teach you an easy “hack” to make remembering it easy. Take a look if you haven’t had the change:


Thanks for the great questions :slight_smile:




Thanks Gwilym, that’s awesome!

I never noticed the option to change the lesson settings before. Any plans on rolling that into the Android app? That’s where I do most of my studying.

And you’re right - the lessons do have punctuation! I must have been looking at some older lessons. I notice they are punctuated but not capitalised - not sure if I’m being too picky asking if that might come at some stage or if there are issues with doing so? It just makes it easier to pick up the start of sentences with the eye.

Thanks again - loving the updates!


Like the new website except that my credits are not listed, and I can’t figure out how to sign up for a lesson. Marcojane