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ChinesePod's Recommended Podcast Player for iOS

If users like to listen to ChinesePod using their custom RSS feed, we recommned the excellent and free podcast app, Overcast.

#Top Features:

  • Push notifications when you bookmark a lesson
  • Clean layout
  • Smart speed (shortens silence automatically)
  • Multiple listening speeds (0.5>2x)
  • Voice boost for noisy environments

#Push notifications


What are users favourite Google Play podcast players?

If you have any questions about getting your ChinesePod lessons on Overcast, check out the articles below, or leave a comment.

#Other help articles:

How to Subscribe to your RSS feed on iOS and Android directly from your smartphone.

Adding Your ChinesePod RSS feed to iTunes

For Android, I use an app called Podcast Addict. It is great for finding conent had the speed controls mentioned when listening to a podcast.

I’m testing the RSS feed and I have one question:
I realized that I can show only the bookmarked lesson or my course.
But I would like display all the latest option for each level selected.
For example I’m selecting newbie to upper intermediate and show for these levels all the latest one.
Is it possible? Because actually I test both rss link and doesn’t work…

Your self-study feed should include all the levels you are subscribed to and any bookmarks/studied lessons.

Click here to read more about the self-study feed which included helpful pics and GIF’s

If you are only seeing bookmarks, it’s possibly your self study feed settings need to be adjusted. Click on “filter” and make sure “subscribe lessons” is also checked. This way, your RSS feed will update daily as new lessons come out for all the lessons you are subscribed to.

You had right! Now everything is ok and could replace… The app… :smirk:

Thank you very much :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m glad that helped. At this point, if you’re on iOS, the RSS feed is the best way to listen to ChinesePod lessons offline.

Yes Gwilym. And that’s pity…