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冲浪 Chōng Làng: Surfing! The ocean, whales, seals and surfing vocab

Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Chinese Pod is great!

Is it possible to script and produce an “Ocean, Marine life, and Surfing (as a sport)” episode? As an avid surfer I often find myself practicing my Chinese Pod vocabulary in between wave sets, but wonder what the real names, usage, etc. are for marine life and surfing as a sport.

Surfing is relevant in China. The World Surf League longboard surfing championships are held at Riyue Bay, on the island of Hainan, and it attracts an international field of surfers. During broadcasts they always make a big deal about speaking Chinese with the locals and how nice everyone is there.

I’d love to study a lesson on seals, waves, surfing, catching a wave, sets, breaking waves, etc. etc.)

I’m a Newbie, but any level, video and/or audio, with this subject matter would be OK with me and I’d hope would be popular.

Xiexie nin!


Hainan Surfing Championship Link


Looks like nobody answered your initial query, but maybe the forum is not the right, um, “forum” to do that anymore. Lesson pages have a “suggest a lesson” link on the left hand side now.

Anyway, type the word “sea” in the search box and you will find a few interesting lessons.

Xie xie ni! I appreciate your nod. CPOD staff are busy doing great things with the web, new episodes, etc. I enjoy surfing so I’ll be sitting waiting for waves making up a Chinese dialogue and wondering if its right or not. The seals laugh at whatever I say in any case.