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Claire Fuchs 康凌



Hey y’all! My name is Claire and I’m Belgian-American. I studied Chinese (Mandarin) for three years at Texas Christian University. But the year following graduation, in my first job, I did not use it at all and forgot a lot of what I studied, so I began studying again with a friend (via ChinesePod). I moved to Washington DC in February because I started a new job, and I’m excited because I can use Chinese (and other languages) in my new job! I speak nine languages, both because I love to learn languages and because my family speaks many languages. Unfortunately, I have not been to Mainland China, but I went to Taiwan and Hong Kong last December (2022) for one week in total. It was awesome, but not enough time! I’d like to study in Beijing or Shanghai to obtain my Masters.

Thanks for reading my bio, bye!

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Hi Claire, welcome to the site! Just a heads up that the forum is pretty quiet these days, and the site itself hasn’t been updated in over a year. The back catalog of podcasts is still really great though, and the index of example sentences (only available through the Old Dashboard, which you can access via the side menu) is also really helpful.