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CNY Video Lessons


What a great series! Tks and congrats guys!
I’ve watched all 3 and can’t wait for the next one!

The street market lesson is remarkable, reminded me of some old videos from MandarinMadeEZ and the Singapore Series. Wish you could have more videos outdoor.

Tks again.
新年快乐 !


[quote=“danielpioner, post:1, topic:718”]
reminded me of some old videos from MandarinMadeEZ and the Singapore Series.
[/quote] That’s because it is the same crew filming and editing it :slightly_smiling:
The CNY market scene was all shot on Iphone 6+'s since they have pretty good optical image stabilization, and are a lot less noticeable. If you record with a large camera, everyone stops and stares.


The video quality was indeed great, I thought it was filmed on a larger camera.


After the video I found a setting to shoot 30fps at 4K or 60fps at 1080p. Might try the higher frame rate next time to make it smoother for the fast panning shots of food. Also, I’m not sure the 4K of the iPhone is much better after doing some tests.


as I learned the other day: 想不到! :joy:
I don’t know why but I’ve always suspected MandarinMadeEZ and CPod had something in common. kidding. haha.

Great video quality indeed. I’ve noticed Iona also shot on a cell phone in the calligraphy episode.

But my point was about the dynamics of the episode. I really appreciate a well structured class being taught as are all of your lessons and QingWen videos and naturally this should be your main focus. But when you guys go outside, showing real life, I always have a great time watching you. I think it’s remarkable.

I will never forget the episode Fiona showed how was breakfast in Taiwan. Made me want to have breakfast… and I remember I’ve watched this episode after dinner. :smiley:


What resolution video do you upload to Wista? I know a lot of people record in 4k and down-scale to 1080p as it makes the 1080p look sharper and clearer than normal, but I think in the outdoor filming environment with lots of movement that 1080p 60fps might be the better option. If the HD option on Wista is only 720p then I would just film 1080p all the time.