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Common Computer, phone and website vocabulary


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Elementary or Intermediate
Video or Audio: Video
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Please let me know if this already exists and I’ve just missed it…

Trying to switch over to using Chinese for websites, phone and computer use, I find I run into a lot of pretty simple vocab that I don’t run into in lessons or everyday speech. I would really appreciate a lesson or 请问 episode that runs through these words. Examples… Save, delete, cancel, ok, login, join, network error etc.

Thanks for all your work, I think you guys do a bangup job.


You can download the freeware LibreOffice which is an editor with many interface languages:

And have all the commandes in english and in chinese:

You can also check the translation in the Help page of LibreOffice ( without installing the software)

Select the language EN or ZH-CN ZH-TW