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Just a quick note to say that your videos are improving. With the new hosts Jenny and Grace I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy them as much as Fiona, Constance and Gwilym, but the latest video was much better. I learned a lot!

Also, do you have plans to add more Mainland Chinese speakers for future lessons? I am really trying to avoid the Taiwanese accent since all of my Chinese contacts are from Northern China, and the new hosts have a very strong Taiwanese accent. It makes it hard to remember to add the 儿化音 to what I learn here. The earlier podcasts made in Shanghai were perfect for what I am trying to learn. Just wondering. Thanks!


I agree, I like Jenny and Grace but an additional host or voice actors from Northern China would be really good.

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Hey guys, our plan is to have a few hosts, not just 2 or 3 like you are used to. Have you listened to any of our advanced lessons? We have had a number of different guest speakers from China. There is more in store for ChinesePod. Thank you for your suggestions!

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