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Could we have a Dialogue Review Play Option (for speaking practice)

We currently have a good vocab review system, but it focuses on single words and the extension dialog.

Could we have a similar review option for the Dialogue only, that encourages us to speak dialog lines sentence by sentence and compare with the recording. I am thinking something like:

  1. Teacher Sentence replay
  2. Pause for us to speak
  3. Repeat of Teacher sentence replay ( so we can compare)
  4. Pause for us to speak again and correct ourselves.
  5. (Suggestion) Teacher then speaks sentence in english.
  6. (Suggestion) Pause for us to speak sentence in chinese one final time (so we can see if can translate).
    … Then repeat process for next sentence till the end.

The goal is to get a separate playback with gaps that are long enough for us to speak the sentence and get the verbal practice and comparison that is ideal for practising in a private space or perhaps while driving alone in car.

Currently the neither the lesson, or the dialogue plays have enough gaps to practise speaking, so it is easier to sit back and just listen without speaking much.

I do like the existing vocab review process, and am suggesting add a similar system that encourages speaking practise of the main dialog.

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