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Curated Qing Wen Playlists (NEW)

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had one of our Chinese teachers @YuQinCai go through the vast Qing Wen library and begin organizing them by Chinese level and topic.

Qing Wen is one of our most popular and longest running shows on ChinesePod, starting in 2007!

We take questions from our community of learners and turn them into helpful lessons.

We have sorted the lessons into the following categories;

  • Lessons relating to grammar and syntax
  • Lessons relating to vocabulary (synonyms etc)
  • Lessons relating to customs and culture

These are also divided by level:

Hopefully, this will make finding answers to your questions a bit easier, as well as making the library a little less daunting.

At some point we hope to update and improve the current playlist library so that you can search within them.

Thanks to @YuQinCai for doing this :slight_smile:

The ChinesePod Team



This is highly useful. Thanks!

Will it be any easier to search by key term in the search box or will the linking to related lessons be affected by this? I often feel like there is a lot of gold in the CPod archives that is just hard to dig out. This is certainly a help, but I don’t normally scroll through grammar topics looking for something to learn, but rather tend to rely on the search box function or hope that the relevant topic shows up under “related lessons” when studying a given lesson.

Yes this is a problem with ChinesePod, and something we’re trying to work on. We have so much great content, but have problems trying to present it best…It’s something Netflix had problems with but have now conquered.

The search box on the main [dashboard]( searches by tag/lesson description/title.

If it still has too many results, you can filter by show/level.

The suggested lessons are not chosen by us but finds lessons with the same tag.

You can also try clicking the hyperlinks in the lesson detail:

Making these curated playlists is one step closer to organising our content, but it’s not the perfect solution.

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Thanks for the prompt, clear, and well-illustrated response. I’m guessing many users are not familiar with the various search options. Curating the Qing Wen content is also quite newsworthy; maybe you should revive the old “New and Features” series to make a podcast about it and other things that are being rolled out such as more video lessons, and, it seems, your new team member @YuQinCai who is offering more frequent and very useful answers to users’ questions on the lesson comments boards. It was always nice to get answers from Constance, but I’m sure she has a very heavy workload with content development and delivery.

Thank you @YuQinCai for preparing these lists!