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Custom playlist on mobile app

Hi there,

I would like to create a custom playlist with lessons I have identified as “relevant to my current training”. This is usually a set of lessons related to new words I am currently learning.

I thought I would bookmark them in order to not browse the whole on the mobile app, since this would be very timing consuming every time.
However it seems that somehow it is not possible to retrieved the bookmarked lessons on the mobile app :frowning_face:

Does anyone have an advice on how to build custom playlist on the app please?

Many thanks for your help beforhand

Hi Gilles,

I am not sure about the app. But I’ve heard people download our lessons, and put them in a media player software to make a playlist. Hope it works to you, too.


Hello Gilles,
It can not create a custom playlist on the mobile app, I will share my experience. I will view the videos on playlists page, then pick the lessons I want to study by clicking the “bookmark” , you can find it on the right top or right bottom of each lesson. then turn to “lesson” page, click the top botton to open "bookmarked "botton, you can see the videos you have chosen, if you have studied, you can click “remove bookmark”. that is whay I did,hope it can help you, thanks.

Thank you for your replies guys!
And thank you Grace!
This is exactly what I tried to do, but somehow missed the bookmark filter on the lesson page… I feel ashamed!
Anyway, it works well now, many thanks!
And happy new year if it is a new year where you are :smiley:

Hi Gilles, Happy new year!good to know that, you can leave message if you get any questions, we can study and discuss together here.

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