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我想帮忙而退款 ~~~~ :d

Very nice idea to make a category “I want help”. But you (chinesepod) may try to motivate people no? Just thinking… Because then it’s just look like “ok, find a way to calm down people… OH! Involved them in the changing! Just create a category in order to help us and let them play alone, they will stop to talk about how we are bullshitting them, they may give us good idea for free, that’s great!”.

But that’s would be possible if there was a community manager… Ha no! am i stupid? The only one care about the community are already left :slight_smile:

I really like Chinesepod, I’ve already try to give some idea in the past, to signal some bug/problem. I’m not just complaining, just try to ring you “becareful, you are really cheating us now”


I am sorry that we have let you down. We very much appreciate you and other dedicated Podsters, and are hoping to launch some exciting programs for everyone. We understand that it is taking longer than you would like, and for this we apologize. As much as we hate to loose you as a ChinesePod subscriber, we are happy to offer you a refund of your subscription. Please email me at with what you think would be a fair compensation and we will make it happen. Thank you for being a dedicated Chinese learner.