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Dashboard filters are gone

Hi, I was wondering why there aren’t any filters anymore that allow me to do what I always did: select all the courses that are of a specific level and that I haven’t studied yet. With the new dashboard it takes me ages to navigate to a suitable new lesson.

I would be okay with reverting to the old dashboard again, but I haven’t figured out a way how to. What should I do?

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We’re starting a Beta for a new version of the dashboard. You can easily switch between the two here:

Yeah, filters in a new dashboard are definitely needed. Otherwise it is impossible to use it. All other feature like steaks etc are really cool.
Same filters are very much needed in Andriod App.
Best regards and thank you for your work.

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. With these, we then can make our website better. But, I was wondering whether could you copy your feedback and paste them in our feedback page:
We’re gonna collect every user’s feedback, and make improvements to the new website.