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Deciphering a Chinese spam call


A strange spam call in Chinese has been working its way around cell phones here in the U.S. Unfortunately it is beyond my pathetic newbie skills. I was hoping to be able to chip away at it but it is too fast for me to even write down approximations of the pinyin and decipher. Does anyone want to translate the gist of it (it is only 15 seconds long). I found my voice translation apps on my phone couldn’t keep up with it and gave up. Is there any tool someone could recommend that can translate voice messages like this? I am hoping that if I break it down I can work on listening to it at full speed .
If someone is feeling really generous perhaps they could even break down part of the pinyin and I could practice listening at full speed. I wanted to upload it as an MP3 file but it seems only static images can be uploaded : ( Is there some other way to link to it?


Hey meir, Colin and I have some translations for you on your original post! :slight_smile: Hope it helps!



I don’t see a reply with translations is it posted elsewhere or did you message it to me?