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Deficiencies and Problems with New Website

Lots of time must have gone into this huge change. A good attempt to reorganise and brighten things up!

In my opinion, the new interface is a little too crowded,but will wait and see on that one. It will probably feel better once I get used to it.

I really need the Library List function in order to use the huge number of past lessons effectively and be able to filter bookmarked and studied lessons. Please find a way to make this available again.

It is no longer possible to download web versions of lessons, nor to decide where to download files to. I don’t want them just dumped in ‘downloads’ and then have to relocate them.

Please re-enable the saving of the cover picture for lessons. I want to be able to label my files in iTunes.

Please also return to including lesson numbers. lesson numbers enable individual lessons to be identified and searched for.

This is just my initial list. I’ll add more as I find them.

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. With these, we then can make our website better. But, I was wondering whether could you copy your feedback and paste them in our feedback page:
We’re gonna collect every user’s feedback, and make improvements to the new website.