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Delivery speed good!


Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Hey CP - More just feedback than a suggestion. I’m not quite sure when it started, but I noticed an uptick in the delivery speed of the lesson dialogs, not just at the UI, but Intermediate, and Elementary levels also.

My feedback is: This is great for listening comprehension! Well, actually it makes comprehension harder, but you get my meaning. If the dialog is being delivered at a more native-like speed, it forces the learner to start parsing at the phrase level rather than trying to parse words. It’s impossible to keep up if you’re translating/listening at the word level. Which is, of course, what happens outside the classroom in conversation or media. So it’s definitely good for building functional listening skill.

Keep it up, is my vote. Also a big “thank you” to the voice actors.