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Describing emotions/feelings


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): intermediate
Video or Audio: any
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Would it be possible to make a qinqwen episode on describing one’s emotions/feelings?

I’ve already checked the episode 150 ( but it didn’t really expand on the types of emotions I’m more likely to describe.

I’m sure that, in Chinese, emotions like “happy” (高兴 or 开心 or something else?), “sad”, “scared”, “stressed”, “angry”, “surprised”, … can sometimes have words with a slightly different connotation than the ones we might expect.

These gaps in my vocabulary struck me as I was trying to describe a movie I had seen to a Chinese language partner of mine. I knew specific words like “the film director”, “the plot”, etc. but I lacked basic notions of emotional words to describe things like “the character felt sad”, “I was surprised with the ending”, … How weird, isn’t it? :smile:

Thanks a lot for the attention you will give to this request!