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Dialogues and Vocabulary : Without Download

Hello and all

Can I stream from CPod without having to download? The option seems to be there but it draws a blank when I try to use it. Thank you for the forum and for the help.

You can stream the audio by clicking on these links. Does this work for you? If not I can look at your account and see what the problem is.

Hi Gwilym

I’ve found that the play button you’ve highlighted (for any of the lessons) functions on my desktop but not on the tablet (Samsung). I’ve tried to log in onto the website afresh to retry using the tablet but it always shows 00:01 without broadcasting anything.

Would it be possible to ensure that the lessons can be learnt completely through the tablet?

I’m using an android device and don’t have any issues. Are you using the Chinesepod android app or trying to listen from the Chinesepod website?

If it’s from the browser, are you using Google Chrome? I know that Samsung tablets often use their own internet browser app which I found isn’t always compatible with many websites. Perhaps download and try using the Google Chrome app.

I am able to listen to the lesson from the browser without any problem.

No luck with Chrome Im afraid. FYI the main website play button has functioned briefly before. Quirks of the operating system…

Have you tried using the new Android app? Perhaps try another browser like firefox or dolphin?

Which Samsung tablet and android version are you using?