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Downloading multiple lessons for on the go use

Hey guys, haven’t found any answer yet so I’m just gonna create a new thread.

I enjoy chinesepod but mostly use it on the go when I’m on the subway, bus, etc. Basically everywhere except for at home. However, I haven’t found a way to download multiple lessons at once i.e. downloading all (or lots) of elementary/intermediate courses. Thing is, I don’t wanna always use mobile data in order to one-by-one download lessons when im on the move and it’s rather inconvenient anyway. (+ I don’t wanna go to every single lesson, hit download and wait for downloading over and over again).
Is there a feature or solution that allows me to instantly download 50 lessons and have them saved on my phone?
thanks in advance,

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I had (have) this same question. No reply yet. I’m also having issues with using a downloaded lesson when data is turned off. Hopefully we’ll get an update soon!