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Du Chinese, a new app for reading?


I’ve just discovered a new app : Du Chinese, and What I SAW!!! Gwilym, my darling Gwilym make a comments on the website!!

Du Chinese makes it so effortless to get lots of reading practice and is packaged in a super easy-to-use and nice looking UI. The flashcard feature is a really cool addition, and being able to tap to look up words makes learning super simple. Du Chinese is now a staple of my Mandarin learning.

Otherwise the app look like The Chairman’s bao, but I like the presentation, which is from my point of view, better than TCB (but I really enjoy TCB… Not the same content). I like the opportunité to show the pinyin, to listen the text… And look beautiful.

If you don’t just have a look, quiete nice


Lol …this gave me a good laugh today haha


Yeah, I like that app a lot, and the developer, Peter, wanted a reference that I was only too happy to give.

In my mind, the user experience is by far the best of all the Mandarin reading apps currently available.


I agree. I wish I could read all my Chinese content through that app.


I’m agree! Is it really beautiful, easy to use, and really help ful!
just a comment about the level… God I’m go back newbie…

Just would like to share this app and was surprised (in the good way :wink: ) to see your comment ^^
For me, in this category there is Du chinese and The chairman’s Bao.
I have to say I like Du chinese because all the feature which I think are missing in TCB, there are in Du Chinese… So I will just keep using Du Chinese and see later if I keep a premium with TCB or Du Chinese. But just want share this app with everybody :slight_smile:


Just annoying that unable to download the lesson…


I have just started using the App and its easy to use and I like the fact that with a touch you can check the meaning… Where I feel the App falls down is that there is no ability for you to print the reading content or to e-mail Which has meant that I have had to photograph the screen and type out in word or Outlook. Which kind of spoils the expreience.