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Exercise commands advanced


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): advanced
Video or Audio: audio and video__
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,
I would like to see more details in lessons. For example, instead of people talking about exercise, how about doing the exercises and saying the exercises. I would like to know how to tell people to stretch their legs, shoulders, arms, back; touch toes sitting down. Do a twist while sitting. Do the grapevine, v step, heel backs, mambo, triple step, step side to side. Get into the specifics nitty gritty of exercises; tell us what they are called. Tell us specifics of injuries and how they happen: pulled muscles, muscle spasms, etc…Translate a Karen Voight exercise video or xp 90 video. Commands via video are some of the easiest things to pick up because as you watch and listen, you do the exercises.