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Exercises in the Android app


I have just subscribed a Premium option and I’m am mostly using Chinesepod app on my Android phone. With a huge disappointment I have realised that the exercise section is not available there, you can only get access to it through the main webpage. Am I right? Is there any way to open the exercise page in the Android app?

Thanks and happy learning


Yeah the discussion tab has disappeared too along with channel selection. What a disappointment. I’ve reverted to the old app.


Could you expand on this @greysparrow? I’m sure our developer @hunter_robbert can fix this problem.


Hi Gwilym, thanks for your question.

I really miss the discussion tab where you could see other users’ comments on the lesson. Used to be in the bottom right of the old app. In fact I use both apps now since the old one doesn’t seem to have the streaming option and the new one doesn’t have comments.

As for the exercises, I don’t care about them so much, actually they probably used to be on my Ipad, not the Android app. Sorry for this confusion.


And the channel selection is back in the updated version. Thanks for that!


Thanks for the reply. Since the new apps are still in their early stage of development, we tried to focus on the most important features first, so things like commenting were not added initially.

The exercises option has never been an option on any of the apps sadly (old and new) but you can still take them using the mobile website on your tablet/smartphone

While commenting and exercises are on to do list, there are a few things ahead of this in terms of features such as a way to queue up lessons into a custom playlist.