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Export Vocabular to txt


Hello everybody,

when I try to export my vocabular to a .txt file, some of the letters are displayed wrong.
Can you please tell me, what I am doing wrong?
I attached a picture for a better understanding…

Thank you very much!


Are you using Unicode (UTF-8) in your text editor? Try checking the settings of your choose software.


Thank you for the fast reply. I checked it but the problem stays the same. Same thing happens with the .csv export (even though I import it to excel as UTF8).


I just checked with your word lists, and the same problem happens on my computer with only the most recently added words. Do you happen to remember which lesson you saved these words from?

It could be a single corrupted lesson possibly.

In other news, I exported the file and imported the cards into Pleco, and that worked well because pleco just reads the Chinese, and auto adds the rest, so if you don’t mind using Pleco’s premium flashcard reader (which is one of the best), this is the best option.

For a guide getting your current word lists into Pleco, click here.


Thank you very much for your fast reply.
It’s ok, i am going to add the vocabulary manually (I prefere Anki over pleco, its better in my opinion).
So, please don’t mind, I dont want to cause trouble.

To answer your question, the problem occured with the following two beginner lessons (i think):

Please tell me if I am wrong, I will check again.