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Filtering for "non-studied" lessons not working

Hi folks,

I dont know if chinesepod is stlill under develoment or already closing down, but I wanted to highlight one huge problem I have.

My working style: i bookmark lessons I like on the website, then study them on the mobile phone by filtering for “bookmarked lessons” and then I download it. I then use the filter of “bookmarked” and “downloaded” to see them at a glance.
Once once studying, I mark them as studied.

Now, I want to filter for “bookmarked, non-studied”, but I still get all the downloaded ones. It seems that the “non-studied” flag is not working in the filter.

Can anybody confirm the same behavior?

HI, @zhangyanglu152,

ChinesePod is constanty under development and we have lots of changes in the works. We will continue to deliver the premium content we have delivered in the past.

We have reported your issue to our tech support. Pleae let me know what kind of mobile phone you are using. We are in the process of updating our apps, so hopefully if this is a glitch we will be able to resolve it.

Thank you!


I am using iphone 6 (MKT42LL/A) with iOS 11.3 (15E216) and Chinesepod Version 0.9.9.

I remember the filter used to work 2-3 months ago, but somehow has stopped doing its work.

Hmm, interesting I will ask our tech support about this. Thank you for your heads up, is it still acting funky?

Well there was no update of the app and no feedback from your developer team. So no, it has not resolved itself.

Side note: why do I need to get my messages approved before they appear on this sub forum?

Our iOS development team has tried to reproduce the problem you mentioned, but have been unable. We haven’t seen anyone else mention having the same issue. Have you tried to to reload the app? If you move to a different computer, do you see your bookmarks still there? We are trying to troubleshoot but have not had any success.