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Finding Xu Laoshi

I would expect Xu Laoshi to have a web page with articles and research. Where might I find it?

Hello Dennis, could you tell me where you saw Xu Laoshi? Did you see her/him on our website?

He is the pronunciation instructor on the “Say It Right” series. (Subject of this forum topic). I suppose since this was produced in Taiwan his name might be spelled “Hsu.” I have never come across him outside of ChinesePod.

Ah I see. That’s a very good question actually. I did some research but I didn’t find his full name. However, he did reply in this forum post, perhaps you can contact him via a private message:

I see; apparently he does use the “Xu” spelling, at least in his handle “daxulaoshi” and his English name is Frederic. Good find.

Hello Dennis and everybody,

Just found that you are looking for me. Sorry for late response. I have not checked webpage and mail with Chinese Pod for a very long time. If you or any people by Chinese Pod want to contact with me, please mail to:
Frederic Xu

别说对不起。I am grateful that you responded, and grateful to any that alerted you to my request. I’ll write privately.