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From northwest USA, just beginning my learning of Mandarin and Chinese literacy

Mike from Kelso Washington, 45 miles North of Portland Oregon and around 120 miles from Seattle.
50 years old. Decided to learn Mandarin for three reasons. yi : I like the Mandarin language dramas on Netflix. er : I know that Mandarin is going to be as important as English in world business affairs. san : I do not want to let my mind slip away as I age further.

I would also love to visit China, Singapore, and Taiwan and see the wonders there. I have my volcano, to be sure, but more wonders is better.

NiHao Mike!! We are excited to have you here! Any favorites on Netflix that you would like to recommend?? I’ve been lucky enough to go to all three but I will say I don’t think I’ve ever been near a volcano…

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I got started with Inborn Pair and Bromance. I have binge watched a few more since. All of this in the last three months.
I am working with a couple of books and apps and I am excited to catch more and more words and phrases.
谢谢 (xiexie which I googled the symbols for thanks. Not conversant enough to recall the characters yet.)

Awesome! I am new to Netflix so I’ll have to check it out. Hey, thats still good! Slowly, one at a time you’ll get characters under your belt.

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Hey Mike,

I am in the same age group and level and am also new to Netflix. I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t find Chinese shows but plenty of Korean ones. What Chinese ones did you find that you enjoyed?



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