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Great Chinese movies and series [non-violent]

Hello everyone,

I would like to know about some movies or series produced in China or with simplified Mandarin subtitles that are - important - not bloody.

I personally really enjoyed classics such as 色,戒 (Lust, Caution), 葉問 (Ip Man), but nowadays my tolerance sadly ends somewhere around what you would recommend for a 6 year old :frowning:

So does anyone have suggestions? I watched 式青春 (Flavors of Youth) last time in the plane back to France, and enjoyed it, the Chinese was very clear and easy to follow :slight_smile:

Hello Susan,
I can suggest you some Chinese series, you can search " 爱情公寓“ ” 武林外传“。 that is very interesting and attractive, I like it so much ,it will help you too, I think.