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Greetings from Texas!

Hello! My name is Alejandro! I started learning Mandarin in college but unfortunately my school stopped offering the class after my first semester. I am beginning medical school soon and I am hoping that learning Mandarin will help me connect with more of my future patients. I volunteer at a clinic and a lot of our patients do not speak English. Most speak Spanish (which I’m already fluent at) but I am hoping to one day be fluent enough in Mandarin to be able to connect with more of our patients.

I also hope to one day visit China!

Hi Alejandro,

Delighted to hear of your cause for learning Chinese. What’s your current level now, and let us recommend some relevant lessons for you to practice with!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon again!

Warm Regards,

Hi Alejandro,
Have you studied your Chinese on Chinesepod? their videos are very attractive, I love it so much, I made a big progress with my Chinese, you must love it ,too.