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Greyed out options

I just downloaded the app. No lessons are accessible and nothing downloads. The options for each lesson are greyed out and not selectable. Is this because I’m not a paying member? If so, why is there no user feedback for this with a prompt to upgrade?

The app is for premium subscribers only so that would be why you can’t download anything. I would agree that there should be a message to non-subscribers to notify them that a premium subscription is required. Perhaps @GwilymJames @hunter_robbert can add this feature in a future app update.

Hey Sean,

My name’s Hunter, I’m the developer for the new Android app. Currently, you are correct. The app isn’t intelligently handling the access discrepancy between free, basic and premium user accounts. This feature is something we know is very important and want to get out as soon as possible. When I got the email about this forum post, I was actually just finalizing a few areas in our code base which concern this exact topic. In the next update, account management is set to allow free users to easily access free content and better determine what is and isn’t available to them.

To be vague and avoid making a promise which might (but hopefully wouldn’t) be broken, these updates look to be just around the corner! I know waiting isn’t the solution you were probably hoping for. As a temporary solution, @Armel, @GwilymJames and I are working on testing these updates in our beta program through the Google Play Store. If you’d be interested in early access/testing, feel free to message one of us.

Thanks for giving the app a go!

By all means, I’d be happy to Beta test. Your answer was as I suspected but I just wanted to confirm first. It’s been maybe 5 years or more since I last used ChinesePod. Xie xie