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Grow, stagnate, fall


Hello chinesepod team,
Would be great to get your structure and help on this topic. In different contexts there are words for:
. Grow, rise, increase …
. Fall, reduce …
. Stagnate, keep constant …
Can you help explain which word to use in what context
Thanks for the great work 加油!


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the great question! Would I be right in saying that you are looking for phrases in more of a business context? Phrases one would use in a presentation say? “This year sales have remained consistent/fallen sharply…”

I’ve popped it in our production list and i’ll keep you posted!



Hello Fiona,
Thanks for coming back.
I meant in more in general, not only business context. For example there are many different words for grow/ increase and i do not really get a handle on them. E.g.:



Which of them to use in which context? For reduce/fall it is a bit the same story …
All the best