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Guitar Terminology

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Pre-Intermediate
Video or Audio:Video
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,
I would like to see a video discussing the parts of a guitar, and musical terms that are commonly used regarding guitar playing.

Here are four lessons to get you started. I suggest that you take a glance at the vocabulary section first and scroll through the lesson comments to see if someone has posted supplementary vocabulary to see if the lesson is likely to be of interest to you. If it is then even if it is above the pre-intermediate level you may want to give it a try.

Thank you for the suggestions. They are helpful ones. The “Band Practice” one seems too difficult for me, but it has many useful words.

Some of my favorite forms of music are progressive rock such as “Emerson, Lake, and Palmer”, “Jethro Tull”, and “Renaissance”. How would you say “Progressive Rock” in Chinese (if you can). Also, I like Bluegrass music. I usually say "蓝草”。 Is this OK, or is there a more standard way to say it?

Hi there,
Here are phrases you want to know:

  • Progressive Rock 前卫摇滚 [qiánwèi yáogǔn]
    Bluegrass music 蓝草音乐 [lán cǎo yīnyuè]

But if people can’t understand you, you can call them:

  • Rock and Roll 摇滚乐 [yáogǔnyuè]
    Country music 乡村音乐 [xiāngcūn yīnyuè]

I think that unless you are talking to musicians or aficionados you will confuse people if you go for a literal translation. I’m not sure if the bands you cited or the genre of bluegrass is well known in China. That said I’ve often been surprised in Asia at how younger people are knowledgeable of western music acts that may have been largely forgotten in their home countries. If you want to say 蓝草 you might go on to explain that it is a type of American folk music ( 美国民间音乐) Unless you are British, in which case you might call it America’s version of Celtic music :grinning: