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GwiFiCon Away on Holiday

Hi Poddies!

Gwilym and I will be going on our annual family holiday to France (Dordogne) this Sunday for two weeks. If you don’t see us on the lesson comments or here, that’s because we will be sipping on Bordeaux and munching on some smelly french cheese.

Constance will also be taking some time off in her hometown Kaohsiung.

Lesson’s have been scheduled so there will be no disruption in services.

If there are any problems with the lessons please utilise the “report error” button at the bottom left of the lesson page or email directly. We’ll be checking the website and our email as often as we get wifi.

If you have issues that don’t relate to our lesson content, please feel free to contact the Chinesepod customer service team.

Apart from urgent issues, we’ll get back to everyone when we get back :slight_smile:


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Nice. Enjoy the vacation!


bon voyage!
By the way, the error reporting link is actually called “Report a Mistake” and it does not appear directly on the lesson page but rather must be revealed by clicking the “Make a Suggestion” link on the bottom left of the lesson page. At least that’s how it looks on my computer.
Enjoy the 红酒 and 臭奶酪 !:cheese::flag_fr:

Enjoy, you guys deserve it.

Yeah the “Report a Mistake” feature is a bit hidden so we’ve asked for it to be made more prominent. If you can’t find it, just email me :slight_smile:

Have a great vacation guys!