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Gym terminology


Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

Hello, so you guys just did a video on the “attractive physical trainer.” It was helpful but it got me thinking if you could do a specialty Qing Wen on gym and working-out terminology. These I have found have been more tricky than meets the eye.

You guys touched on stretching in the video. What about flexibility stretching? 拉筋 to me seems to only be used to describe the casual stretches people do before other forms of exercise, does it extend to very serious purpose-stretching?

What about reps and sets? “I did three sets of thirty reps.”

weight training or lifting weights 举重 , most people know that I think, fewer may know 卧推 (bench press), but what about “incline bench press” or “decline bench press” or “squatting.”

I have also noticed it is very difficult to communicate the distinction between being sore and having a cramp. One can use 抽筋, but that of course does not mean you are tight or sore the days after a hard workout.

Another issue is spraining. You can 扭伤 your wrist and ankle, but what about spraining a pectoral muscle, or a ligament? (I just sprained my mcl and when I was at the doctor in America I sat there mesmerized by how a Chinese doctor would communicate this, because my ligament had neither twisted nor technically had an open wound, yet all I had in my mind was 扭伤)

what do you guys think?


I agree!! Not only should you do some lessons on workouts at the gym… you should do some lessons on the Olympic games and different sports such as swimming and cycling! You could include some of the key players and talk about their background and lifestyle habits! I really think this suggestion is top notch!!