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Hanzi Only PDFs

It would be really helpful to have 汉子 only versions of the PDFs, or even a 汉子 only page attached to the current PDFs. This would make it easier to improve character recognition.

It’s often difficult to refrain from reading the pinyin/English instead of reading the characters. I know the premium version offers this facility in the ‘dialogue’ box but it would still be better to have a downloadable/printable version… even if it was a premium feature.

I understand that would be time consuming to retrospectively apply, but if it could be considered for future lessons that would be greatly appreciated.

I have just been using the txt file and deleting the English. It takes maybe 4 seconds.

That’s great but wouldn’t you prefer to not have to do that? To be able to access them in that format quickly on all devices etc…

I’d recommend Evernote’s web clipper. I use it daily for most things like saving receipts. It’s also good for learning Chinese (i’ve been meaning to make a blog about this for some time).

It also means the article is synced across all your devices, and the search feature will look up all the Chinese in the document.

Here’s a video of me doing it:

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Thanks Gwilym, that is a helpful suggestion but my post was more about how to improve ChinesePod as opposed to workarounds to cover it’s gaps.


I believe the correct character is 字 but I don’t really mess with 簡體 so maybe I’m wrong.

I feel your pain. Some of my favorite textbooks are set up the same way. Is it not interesting that we are automatically drawn to the romanization instead of the characters? I deliberately have to tell myself when I look at a text like that to first read the characters, then, if I don’t recall one, I’ll allow myself to glance at the pinyin. But many times I, for some reason, go straight for the pinyin. I guess its all just a part of reprogramming your brain to using a new language.

As useful as it may be, I don’t think its practical to have the pinyin separated from the text here, as the text is basically a reference to find words your missing, and if your missing them, you need the pinyin anyway.

There certainly isn’t a lack of chinese reading material in the world without pinyin. A lot of it is free. When I’m studying chinesepod or some textbook, I just deal with the fact I glance at the pinyin. When character recognition really goes to the test, theres no pinyin anywhere, because chinese people don’t use that to communicate.


KnowledgeAllah, 不好意思,你说对了, '汉字‘是对.

You’re right, but for improving both listening and character recognition I still think it would be helpful to have them separately in the PDF (as well as together for the purpose you stated). For example, I might not recognise a word I heard but I might recognise the character, and then I would be improving the weaker skill, or vice versa. It’s almost impossible to practice in that way with the pinyin and english right below the characters - I can’t not see them. And so have to resort to the workarounds like those outlined above.

It would be such a small task with proportionally high benefits. I’m surprised no one seems to agree and thought there would be more people that study similar to me. Oh well.