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Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,
I am Grace, todays is the last day of 2019. I have studied Chinese for 5 years, I made a big progress with my Chinese studying on Chinesepod , I really appriciate Chinesepod, and all the teachers and friends here, they always support me and give lots of help, I want to say" thank you very much to you all, Thanks for meeting you all.Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and you family!"

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Hi Grace,

Glad ChinesePod is helpful to you! We’ll keep make great videos for all of you. Stay tuned for more! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Dear Grace,

Thank you for sharing your journey and progress with us, that’s wonderful for us to hear!

Hope ChinesePod will keep doing its part in your Chinese learning. Happy New year to you and all the best for 2020!


Thank you all! :heart:

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Hi Grace, this is exactly what I feel after learning Chinese from this website. You could always post a new thread to ask a question and people are so enthusiastic to help you out. I feel like the dialogues designed are also very intuitive and practical. It really helped me a lot in my conversations with Chinese people. Hope we all will make great progress in the journey of learning Chinese in the new year! :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy, thanks, we can study together.