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Hello after 12 years


After more than 10 years of listening to Chinesepod, I finally find the time to introduce myself…

So far I have mostly listened to the Podcasts on the go, with almost no time to really sit down and study or participate in the great community of learners and teachers here. Life is becoming a bit easier now (kids are grown and house is built…), so it allows for more dedication to my Chinese studies.

I have been studying Chinese since 2002 when I entered university for an international business degree near Cologne/Germany. After graduating in 2006, I went back to my hometown Munich and started work in importing foods, always with a strong relation to China. The same year I also discovered Chinesepod, which helped me a lot building my business Chinese, but also the small talk skills.

Currently I use Chinese in Emails, Wechat and on the phone on a daily basis and I get to travel to China 3-4 times per year to meet my suppliers.

I would say I can easily cover all work-related topics, but sometimes I still have a hard time in small talk, depending on the subject. Also, I definitely need to concentrate much more than when talking German or English. So, my goal is to become really fluent in every subject and to feel relaxed when speaking Chinese. I heavily use Chinesepod’s lessons and audio flashcards in Anki.
Another goal is being able to read Chinese novels (which I already do using Pleco, but it feels to slow). Therefore I read every evening on Pleco, mostly NYT in Chinese and stuff from baidu.

Oh yes, and one day I hope to find the time to take a looong bicycle trip around China. Like Beijing-Shenzhen with as many detours as possible. So I sometimes read Chinese bikers’ forums. But given life’s circumstances, this is a remote dream at least several years away!

Shout out to the new team, I really appreciate the recent podcasts.

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Hello MisterXia, I am so glad you are saying hello here on the forum. I’ve actually been to Koln Germany. My brother lived in Bitburg. Such a beautiful place.

Are the people you work with very impressed with your Chinese skills?

Sounds like you have some great goals ahead of you!


Hi to Mr Xia. I have just started learning Chinese, but I just wanted to write a short answer to your message, because it was many years ago, while living as a student in Bonn, that I first thought of the possibility of learning Chinese, since my flat mates (in a WG) were all students of Chinese language and literature. Our flat was often full of Chinese (and Japanese) students who came for tea during weekends.


sounds like you had a great time in Bonn. So in a sense, our paths have crossed in the past… All the best with your Chinese studies.
You are not in Bonn anymore, right?

Hi Grace,

nice to know you liked Germany, I hope you did not have to eat too much of the dreaded 猪腿. If you ever come to Munich, let me know, I am quite an experienced Chinese tour guide by now, as I often show around visiting business partners.

Are people impressed with my Chinese? Well, they say so, but then, with regards to the Chinese people: I am their client, so of course they will rather say nice things to me… The others are impressed because they don’t understand a word anyway. So I really don’t know. It works well in my work life, but I myself are determined to take it to another level now.

My language goals are quite ambituous give that I am not even living in China, but I count on Chinesepod’s continued support so I am confident !

I’ll hold you to the visit in Munich and maybe we could do some kind of CP Meet Up. Thankfully- no 猪腿! My brother helped guide me through. My father learned German in school and has been there a couple of times. Germany is a family place for us. I’m really looking forward to returning. German is actually a language that I have wished I had learned. I would download a little app and try from time to time but it didn’t work.

I think it show a great deal you making an effort and now you are going to go to the next level and that is awesome! We are here to help support you!