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Hello from a newbie in Philadelphia


I tried learning Mandarin on my own about 15 years ago and it fell flat because it was too difficult to do on my own from books and random audio programs. I just recently discovered ChinesePod and a bunch of other resources and I have started to learn Mandarin once again and I am having so much fun! It’s crazy how effective this program is– I feel like I have learned ten times as much in one month as I did in one year when I had tried before! Kudos to the whole team.

I’m very new but am interested in finding some fellow learners to practice with (even though I sort of find that terrifying!).

I am a wildlife educator and I have a weird goal of being able to deliver one of my wildlife programs in Mandarin in four years’ time. Who would even want me to do this? Who knows? If you’re in Philadelphia and want to chat, let me know!


Welcome Wildlife educator from Philli. I hope you can find a fellow practice buddy soon through our forum. But if you don’t, please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we may help!

Furthermore, your goal is very interesting to me, as I am the academic director of CPod. If you could give me some details on your program, perhaps we could help point you to certain lessons to expedite your search for relevant materials. Wildlife education is certainly a unique topic, but there are education-related vocabulary that are useful to you to start with. Please feel free to email me to discuss further!

Happy learning!


Thank you! I will send you an email!