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Hello from Geneva, Switzerland

Da jia hão.
My name Chinese name is Mou Zhen, from Geneva in Switzerland.

Nice to meet everyone. Just signed up, but had previously used it back in 2006-2010 when I was learning Chinese. Have to get back a Chinese like keyboard and hope to get back into regularly learning and listening to all the podcast. Was great when I started and how hope to re-learn a lot with all the podcasts. Had done a fair bit and used to listen to all these lessons every evening when at uni, studying Chinese. It changes from the writing and learning characters by themselves. Love the podcasts, they have changed and improved, but alas my Chinese has gotten worse. Hope to change that.
My first goal is to go through all the lower intermediate lessons, maybe even the beginner lessons to revise the characters. Ultimately I want to do 1 upper intermediate lesson every day. Want to try and improve my level and hope to be ready in 1 year to pass the HSK level 4. As a high school foreign language teacher myself, I want to try and apply what I tell my students, have to learn a little every day and revise frequently to improve. I’ m planning on some summer holidays in Taiwan in July, but hope that I’ll be able to have fluent conversations by then, and take some lessons when I’m over there.

Anyone willing to also encourage each other to come on here to listen and do 1- 3 listens every day ?


Kind regards,

I recently signed up and have found it’s a fantastic website to learn Chinese. And the team is also very friendly and always willing to help. We can probably encourage each other in the journey of learning Chinese. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, yes that would be great and help with motivation.

You may also raise your question here and I am very happy to help you with what I have learned. :slight_smile:

Hi Mou Zhen,

Welcome! I think the way of studying a foreign language you mentioned is great! And I think it definitely will work! I want to study a language like this, too. By the way, which city will you plan to visit when you are in Taiwan?