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Hello, I'm Erick

 Hello, everyone! My name is Erick, I'm from Brazil, I'm already studying on Chinese Pod for 4 months. I work as model and I've been living in Shanghai almost 3 months, but soon I'll move to Europe and then Taiwan (Taipei). 
 I want to learn Chinese because I think it's a big challenge to achieve a fluent level, besides the fact that I love to study languages (specially chinese), also it's a language different from everything I've already seen, what makes me motivated and curious.
 When I've arrived in Shanghai, I'd already studied chinese 1 month on ChinesePod, and, because I'm kind of talkative person, I was already speaking chinese with my coworkers and they got impressed as much as me, thanks 100% to ChinesePod. I just love the progress I've done so far. My main weakness is Listening Comprehension (probably because I talk too much XD), but even so I'm seeing an improvement little by little. 
 I think that's all! I enjoy ChinesePod a lot and every day I'm looking forward for new lessons! OBS: Fiona, Constance and Gwilym, you all are the best!!