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Help choosing a Chinese name

Hi! I’m studying Chinese and would like to choose a Chinese name but am looking for advice on which names sound nice to a native speaker! I’d like a name which has a young and perhaps slightly unusual feeling.

I have narrowed my decision down to two names: 杜若滢 and 杜晨曦

If anyone has any thoughts about which sounds best that’d be great, 谢谢!

I think both names sound really great as a native Chinese speaker and the characters you have chosen are very suitable to be used in names. Although I have to admit I have never seen the character 滢 before. It is not a common character but the definition is very meaningful (it can be used to describe something is as clean as the water), so I suggest you keep it! I don’t think anyone would have trouble pronouncing it since it is basically the character 莹 with the water radical.

As for the name 晨曦, it paints a wonderful imagery of the morning sun and it is definitely a great name (it’s the kind of names that main characters in romantic novels or dram series would have :slight_smile: )

Personally, I think if you’re looking for something unique, 若滢 is a great one. It sounds young, elegant, and it has the element of surprise (being the 滢 character). If anyone asks you about the character you have a nice story to tell. That’s my thoughts on the names! Hope this will help.



Thank you so much! That’s super helpful (and reassuring haha) :blush:

That’s good to hear! Let me know what name you ended up choosing!