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Help me please! 风气,风尚,风俗

Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

I recently came across these three words: 风气,风尚,风俗. I know 风尚 might be similar to 风俗 which refers to some tradition stuff. But I have no idea about what 风气 refers to. Is it a kind of “gas” or sth else? It would be great if you can tell me know the difference of these three words and give some sample sentences if possible. Thanks a lot!

Hi Jeremy,

  • 风气 [fēng qì] atmosphere; most people’s interests or habits in certain period
    e,g, 这间公司的风气很好

  • 风俗 [fēng sú] social custom
    e.g. 中国很重视风俗

  • 风尚 [fēng shàng] most people’s interests or habits in certain period (we seldom use it now)


Thanks Betty for your prompt reply!

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Hi All,
What is “风尚” here? I have never seen that words,it is kind of ancient words ? and means " 时尚“?

Hi Grace,

Just like what I’ve mentioned above, 风尚 means ‘most people’s interests or habits in certain period’, but we seldom use it now. As for 时尚, it means ‘fashion’. For example, 这件衣服很时尚 [zhè jiàn yīfu hěn shíshàng.]


Thanks Betty, 风尚 and 时尚, they are different meaning, you said 风尚 wont be used now , so is there a word to replace? or what is the popular word? thanks.

Hi Grace,

Like what I defined these phrases at the beginning, 风气 and 风尚 have the same definitions. So you can use 风气.