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Hi ChinesePod team!

Long time listener, first time poster here. Just wanted to say thanks for all the interesting lessons and I also have a suggestion even though it’s a long shot.

A series on Learning Chinese grammar using jokes!

Hear me out, even though I consider myself a pretty capable speaker (in part thanks to ChinesePod), I always struggle to understand Chinese jokes. When my Chinese friend has finished telling the joke, they are always laughing hysterically while I’m stood there trying to figure it out. It’s only after a looooooooooooot of explaining that I can eventually ‘get it’ and laugh with them, but by that time the moment has passed (maybe because I was missing some cultural reference).

I thought if you guys could do a series or even a lesson on Chinese jokes, it would be a great way for us to learn bits of grammar but also to understand some of the ways Chinese people use humour and help us to learn about some cultural references that us foreigners might not know about.


I would love some lessons on jokes! The only one I know is this one:
So I’d love to learn some more, I’m sure we can learn a bit about both cultural references and grammar from them.

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I had to look up the alternate meaning for 公公, I like it! Ha ha! I have one, but it’s kinda more of a lame ‘Chinglish’ joke: 為什麼吸血鬼不喜歡四川菜?因為他喜歡不辣的!Would love to learn more though, I feel like that they can make great icebreakers with people sometimes, and can lead on to other conversations easily.