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Hi! Washington DC

Hi! I’m Tasha, nice to meet you. I enjoy movies, Asian Dramas, and of course my family. I wanted learn Chinese, because I find the language itself beautiful. Yes there are other languages just as beautiful, but when you hear the language it’s almost impossible to not want to join in on the conversation. I’m looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you on our fantastic journey of learning and fun.

Hi Tasha! Welcome to our community! What a great reason for learning a language. I also think Chinese is beautiful, but in a different way. For me, I think that the descriptions and ways of naming things are very poetic. If you have any questions about how to use the site or of course any Chinese questions, you can ask us here or by commenting on the video itself. What is your Chinese level? Thanks for saying hi!

There are lots of places to practice what you have learned on ChinesePod in Washington DC. You can message us if you would like a short list.

Hi! My level is newbie. I know a couple of words. I’m looking to expand my vocabulary, and my experience level.

As a newbie you might not get much benefit from conversation groups. The ideal is to have a tutor or beginning level class. You can find both at the Confucius Institute at George Washington University. You could use CPod material to structure your tutoring sessions. Other sources for affordable classes in DC are USA Graduate School and The Global Language Network. If you do want to mingle with other learners and native speakers in a casual environment check out The Washington DC Chinese Language Meetup Group.

Hi! I live in Washington DC now, and I was wondering if you could share places to practice Chinese? Thanks so much!

Of the sources cited above only The Global Language Network and the Meetup remain. Arlington Central Library hosts Chinese speaking practice gatherings for both the Meetup and as the library’s own event.

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