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How about creating a group chat on wechat?

We all have been learning Chinese from ChinesePod which is one of fastest and best way to learn Chinese.
There is a lot to learn from the topics that Chinesepod put in our disposals, but some of us don’t have the chance to put in practice what we’ve learned so far.
I’m in China ever since 2013, I never thought in my life that I had ears for languages since learning Chinese was a real hassle for me in the beginning , but thanks to ChinesePod, I’m now on the advanced level and now working in an international Chinese trading company. I believe that “we” foreigners can speak great chinese, and we can do so by learning and practicing a lot, thus I thought of creating a group that I’ve called “Chinesepod-Community”, a group in which we all can help exchange ideas in Chinese and learn from each other through practice.
You are all invited to join the group and make friends. We’re only going to be using Chinese as a language to discuss.
Feel free to install Wechat on your phone and send me a request via the following number: 008613248239578, please attach the note “ChinesePod” in you request so that I can add you in the group
Note that It’s free to join the group.
Thanks to y’all.
Azere Durtin

Is the previously created WeChat group dormant or unsatisfactory? You could just join that instead of starting from zero I suppose.

Is there some possibility to join the group? I can’t find any ID/link/QR code on the forum.

I’d like to thank Azere for setting up this group. I had wondered about using WeChat for practice but didn’t know how to get started. I’ve exchanged a few pleasantries with Azere on the group and it’s definitely a good way to practice Mandarin (probably more so for me, as his level is much better than mine). So far it’s only the two of us participating, although there seem to be a couple of other members who haven’t posted yet. It would be good to get a few others on there.

I don’t know about the group podster refers to - is that still active and how do I find it?

Wanna join the group ? Just Install wechat and scan the QR Code bellow.
Only chinese is allowed in the group no english, we discuss about everything and learn from each other.
Practice makes perfect, We’ll be waiting for you guys.


Never heard of that, Maybe you can add me to. What’s your wechat Id?

We need to invite other guys in the group, so that it could become more and more interesting

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would like to join! agreed that the more - the better as it is indeed more interesting. sounds like a great idea

If the Chinesepod-community on WeChat is still active, please post a new QR code. This one has expired.